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This page contains helpful information about battery care and instructions for activating carrier specific features. These tips will help maximize wireless phone performance as well as enhance wireless service calling plans.

Battery Care

A new cell phone’s battery should be charged, uninterrupted, at least 12 to 16 hours before initial use. In addition, within the first week, if the battery can be fully discharged and recharged overnight at least twice it will help condition the battery. Conditioned batteries will have more standby time and more talktime.

Many people also purchase car chargers for their wireless phones. Although this is an excellent way to charge a dead cell phone in a jam, it is not recommended that a phone always be charged this way.

The vehicle adapter is a rapid charger that does not condition the battery as it charges. Most vehicle adapters should only be plugged into the phone a maximum of 20 minutes. Charging a phone with a vehicle adapter longer than this risks overcharging the battery.

Standby time and talktime will naturally diminish over time. A simple way to rejuvenate a battery is to fully discharge and recharge the battery overnight at least twice within one week. By following these simple steps your battery should last at least 2 to 3 years.

Voice Mail

Most digital wireless service plans now include free voicemail. Voicemail is similar to an answering machine. The user can set up a personalized greeting and now callers are able to leave a message if there is no answer or if the phone is turned off. Below you will find a quick reference guide for voice mail set up and operation for some of the major service providers in the Twin Cities.

Please remember, you are being charged regular airtime rates to access your voicemail from your cell phone, however, your not charged when someone leaves you a message or if you access your voicemail from a touch-tone phone.


Set up –

1. With your cell phone turned off, call your cell number from any touch-tone phone.
2. Interrupt the recorded message by pressing”#”.
3. When asked for the temporary passcode, press 1 + the last four digits of your cellular phone number.
4. Follow voice prompts.

Retrieval –

1. From your cell phone press the star key (*) 86 and then press the SEND key.
2. From any touch-tone phone call your cell number, interrupt the greeting by pressing “#”, enter your password.