Other Laws And Policies At The National And Regional Levels Restrict Certain Types Of Religious Activity, Particularly Among Unrecognised Religious Groups And “deviant” Sects Of Recognized Religious Groups.

Islam.s.he.fficial state religion and the Constitution of Malaysia provides for limited freedom of religion, notably placing control upon the ‘propagation’ of religion other than Islam to Muslims, a fundamental part of a number of other religions. See About the Study section. Christians, Baja’is, and some Muslims face societal suspicion and mistrust, and more radical Islamist elements continue to express anti-Semitic sentiments. An original trait of this area is that priests are paid by the state; the bishops are named by the President on the proposal of the Pope . Other laws and policies at the national and regional levels restrict certain types of religious activity, particularly among unrecognised religious groups and “deviant” sects of recognized religious groups. 36 The Indonesian Constitution states “every person shall be free to choose and to practice the religion of his/her choice” and “guarantees all persons the freedom of worship, each according to his/her own religion or belief”. 37 The government, however, officially only recognises six religions, namely Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism . 38 39 Main article: Freedom of religion in Iran The Iranian constitution was drafted during the Iranian Constitutional Revolution in 1906; 40 While the constitution was modelled on Belgium’s 1831 constitution, the provisions guaranteeing freedom of worship were omitted. 41 Subsequent legislation provided some recognition to the religious minorities of Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians, in addition to majority Muslim population, as Look Into Arizona Religious Freedom @ arizonareligiousfreedom.perrywoodcrafters.online equal citizens under state law, but it did not guarantee freedom of religion and “gave unprecedented institutional powers to the clerical establishment.” 41 The Islamic Republic of Iran, that was established after the Iranian revolution, recognizes four religions, whose status is formally protected: Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam . 42 Members of the first three minority religions receive special treatment under Iranian law. These laws mandated, among other things, the separation of church and state, allowed for civil marriages and a civil registry, and confiscated the church’s property.

Click a topic to jump to it in the report. In August 2012, for instance, some 500 Sunni hard-liners attacked a Shea community in the city of sampan, killing two people, burning dozens of homes and displacing hundreds of people. 12 And in Nigeria, hundreds of Muslim youths attacked and burned Christian businesses and places of worship in November 2012 after a Christian was accused of blasphemy. READ MORE » What Religious Freedom Requires of Us Religious freedom is as much a duty as it is a right. For 2011 and 2012, the index scores are for the calendar year.

MORE State Dept decries India’s decision to deny visa requests by members of commission appointed by United States government to examine religious freedom violations worldwide. A Greek Government plan exists which would build an Islamic canter and mosque on some 35,000 square meters of donated land in the Athens suburb of Peania. 29 The plan has drawn fire on grounds that Peania currently has no Muslim community. State schools must provide religious instruction and regular religious ceremonies, though parents may withdraw their children from either; the choice of religion is left up to the school governors, but in the absence of an explicit choice it is by default “broadly Christian;” the Church of England and the Catholic Church operates many state-funded schools and there are a few Jewish and Muslim ones. “I am so upset and disappointed because we have done so much work over the past few decades to rehabilitate our image,” he told CNN. That being said, it’s hard to underestimate the significance of this ruling affirming the First Amendment rights of business owners.

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